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2015 Graduates!

We have had two very successful classes of graduates so far in 2015.  We wish each graduate much success in their upcoming business endeavors.

Pictured below – May 2015 class


2013 – Starting the year off with 14 new graduates!

Feb 2013 Graduating Class

Our February, 2013 winter session of school concluded with a packed house for the student auction.  14 students completed the week long course and are well on their way to become auction professionals.

Graduates were:  Kathy Carroll, Jacqueline Clark, Lenell Dean, Samuel Durante, III, Steven Elliott, John Epperly, Lee Fersner, Eric Garcia, James Ginnery, Brian Harrell, Lloyd Johnson, Justin Pye, James Thorpe, Lloyd Williams.

Our most sincere best wishes go to these students as they pursue their new career.


2012 Session 3 Graduates!

Congratulations to the following 2012 SSA Session 3 Graduates!

Josh Barfield, Waylon Fortener, Manning Garrett, Damon Hylton, Chris Livingston, Theresa Mann, Beverly Rich, Joshua Ruiz, Joseph Santora, Preston Shipman,III

We wish you luck and success with your auction profession!


Summer Class – 2012 Student Comments

~ I needed a change in my life.  Auctioneering will be my vehicle to a better life.  As to why I chose this school, it is my firm belief that if you want to be the best, you need to be trained by the best.
~ This has been the greatest course I have ever taken. The instructors are great and the courses were great.  I really enjoyed this and the education I learned for the auction profession.
~ Yes, I would refer others….the overall school, etc. provides maximum education for forward/upward movement in the real world.
~ I feel privileged to have come into contact with such a wealth of knowledge.


Testimonial from May 2011 Graduate

I had the pleasure and privilege to attend the Southeastern School of Auctioneering May session of2011. Before I attended, I thought I understood the auction industry and honestly had concerns about the tuition fee. After graduating, I had gained the knowledge to pass the state exam which I expected to have.  What I had not expected but did gain was a clear prospective about the auction industry.   During my week of study, I found EVERY instructor to have a true passion for auctioneering and knowledge that I hope I gather over my career.   My classmates were motivated and very professional, and we learned many life lessons from each other.  I consider all instructors and classmates my personal friends now. To me the time and money invested into the Southeastern School of Auctioneering are PRICELESS and are minuscule compared to the rewards and success I will receive in my future career. Thank you Larry and all who set me free from my bondage as a production worker (mindless robot).