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2017 Graduates

We have had three very successful classes of graduates in 2017.  We wish each graduate much success in their upcoming business endeavors.

Pictured – August 2017 Graduates

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2014 Graduates

“Reputation and location is why I chose this school – great learning experience.”


“It was spoken very highly of, great, more than I expected.”


“I needed a change in my life.  Auctioneering will be my vehicle to a better life.  As to why I chose this school, it is my firm belief that if you want to be the best, you need to be trained by the best”


“Good business learning, plus auctioneer certification.”


“Fun/Casual environment with a lot of learning.”


“Great, learned a lot more than expected.  Can start up any kind of business through this class.”


“Yes, I would refer others – the overall school provides maximum education for the forward/upward movement in the real world.”


“Great teachers, long classes, very informative, very efficient, convenient to my home.”


2013 Graduates

We have had a great variety of students so far this year from several different states, backgrounds and future goals. We have had over 30 graduates this year in only 3 classes.

2013 Graduates include:

South Carolina – Claire Bass, Kathy Carroll, Lenell Dean, James Durante, III, John Epperly, Dale Fenton, Lee Fersner, Cecil Furtick, Brent Garcia, James Ginnery, William Herndon, Dean Hodge, Leon Holden, Jr., Brad Keaton, Jay Powell, Justin Pye, Jesse Rauton, Anthony Thompson, James Thorpe, Heather Timmerman, Ben Whiteside, Jim Wiecsorek, Lloyd Williams,

North Carolina – Marshall Beheler, Jacqueline Clark, Steven Elliott, Brian Harrell, Lloyd Johnson

Georgia – Brent Stephens

Virginia – Sean Vance, Sr

Mississippi – Clay Smith

2012 Graduates

Congratulations to our November 2012 Graduates! We had 8 graduates from 3 different states to attend our Fall class. The graduates are: Alyson Coates, Robert “Shank” Collins, Nathan Croft, David Justice, Michael Licavoli, Greg Massey, Paul Roper, and Scott Sandifer.

Congratulations to our July/August 2012 Graduates! We had 10 graduates from 4 different states to attend our Summer class. The graduates are: Josh Barfield, Waylon Fortener, Manning Garrett, Damon Hylton, Chris Livingston, Theresa Mann, Beverly Rich, Joshua Ruiz, Joesph Santora, Preston Shipman, III.

Congratulations to our May 2012 Graduates! We had 12 graduates from 2 different states to attend our May class. The graduates are: Stephen P. Alling, Ronnie F. Brand Jr., David Branham, Jeffrey W. Cavender, Robert L. Davis, James Easterling, III, Clint T. Fricks, Jr., Leon Lovette, Cody Munger, J. Steven Neeves, Arthur Strickland, and Stanley E. Wooten. We wish them the best in the Auctioneering Profession.

2011 Graduates

2011 was another successful year for Southeastern School of Auctioneering. We had 40 graduates during the course of four sessions over the year.

Dixie Benca, Glen Brooks, Donald Dukes, Michael Harmon, David Harris, Richard Jackson, Sheri Jennings, Gene Kemper, John Parker, Sheri Wolinski, John Young, Miriam Zoellers, Linda Branham, Cathy Corona, Lester Grimes, III, Jimmy Hawkins, Paul Hodges, Bradford Ingram, Otis Kelly, Ashley Lewis, Elisabeth Markley, William Norris, Dorn Saylors, Stephen Burnett, McKinley Compton, Sammy Greene, William Hull, Jr., Paul Ikner, Darry Jackson, John Lynn, Debra McDaniel, Joey Rabon, Lanny Somerville, Stacy Tabor, Jim Ward, Blake Burris, Kevin Counsell, Donald Drew, Tom Laws, and Nicky Waters!

Congratulations to them all!